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Toolkit for Managers – Newsletter 3

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We would like to introduce our tool developed within project SMEs tool to prevent Burnout.

The aim of the project is to prevent burnout at work and raise resilience, to help SMEs staff and managers to forecast burnout, to recognize the warning signs, to take steps to regain balance and to change peoples’ approach to a balanced life, to improve working conditions, and to reduce the cost of burnout, and stress.

The tools contains five topics:

  • Social Styles
  • Feedforward performance tool
  • GROW model
  • Ofman’S Core Quadrants
  • Circle of Influence


Now, what is ‘feedforward?’ and why is it a better method than ‘classic feedback’ to raise resilience in teams and individuals?When you give feedback, you focus on the past, on what has already happened and what can’t be changed.

Moreover, when you receive feedback, you often feel personally attacked, which makes you defensive.
Why so? Because feedback is accusatory: we want to prove that someone is at fault and we focus on negative behaviour.That approach demotivates people and it reduces positive energy and engagement, with stress or frustrations as a result.

Even if you would start off your feedback with something positive, the chances are that the person that receives the feedback thinks: “Ah, I already know what is happening here.
First, I’ll get a positive message.

Next, I’ll hear what I’m actually here for’. When you give feedforward, you focus on the future, on what you can create and still have an impact on. When you receive feedforward, you do not feel attacked because feedforward aims at offering help, highlighting positive behaviour and stimulating creativity. That approach is inspirational, it gives hope and new energy so that involvement increases. Teaching people what is right instead of proving them what they are doing wrong, has a more productive and energising effect. Raised resilience is the result.

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