Preventing Burnout At Work

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Advice and useful tips for preventing burnout

Advice on how to learn from your mistakes and recover from burnout by finding a new direction

A Summary on research about burnout

A short movie about the 30-day challenge. Studies have shown that doing something new breaks up routine and helps create positive emotions


Burnout: Is it a Burning Issue in Your Company?

Burnout Is Everywhere — Here’s What Countries Are Doing To Fix It


Circle of Influence. This video explains what it is and what you should know about it, and gives some concrete examples and tips

Core qualities and core quadrant interpreted by the author, Daniel Ofman


Dealing with negative thoughts: 5-step plan


Example of a webinar on irrational thoughts and RET (in Dutch)


Having a Bad Job is Worse for Mental Health Than No Job at All – Research shows bad jobs create a worse mental state than unemployment. (Psychology Today)

Helps managers identify, prevent, and alleviate burnout among their employees and for themselves. Download a free copy to help identify burnout and how to overcome it

How to Not Get Overwhelmed by the World – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey


Job Burnout: How to Spot it and Take Action – Find out if you’re at risk of job or workplace burnout and what to do if you are. (Mayo Clinic)


Positief denken – 9 tips om minder negatief te denken (+ video) (Dutch)

Positief worden: 17 manieren (Dutch)

Prevent burnout by building your resilience to stress and adversity. This article offers a wealth of helpful tips and strategies. (American Psychological Association)

Preventing Burnout

Promoting Mental Health in the Workplace


Self-Help Burn-Out– Helpful coping tips for preventing and recovering from burnout. (Texas A&M University Student Counseling Service)

Short explanation on how our way of thinking and the interpretation we give can lead to different behaviours and feelings

Stephen Covey shares an experience where one proactive employee increases his effectiveness by focusing on his inner Circle of Influence


The Fundamentals – Employers’ Responsibilities

Theoretical explanation of the Core quadrants in English

The Road Resilience


Very specific tips and tricks for developing personal management strategies for burnout


Zródło: Stress and Burnout in Ministry


7 ways to prevent burnout from the point of view of someone who experienced burnout herself