Main results

  • Framework about burnout and resilience
  • Assessment to explore and recognize burnout and resilience
  • Toolkit for resilience
  • Toolkit for managers
  • E-learning development with gamification elements
  • Guidelines for workshops

Toolkit for resilience

5 toolkits, 5 ways to raise resilience. Toolkits are linked to the test that you took on identifying factors that hinder or help your resilience. Therefore, it is wise to look at the toolkit which you need the most.

5 toolkits are:

  1. Personal coping
  2. Experience of work
  3. Health and wellbeing
  4. Think yourself strong
  5. Create resilience in your environment

Toolkit for managers

5 toolkits, 5 ways to raise resilience designed for SME managers to help prevent burnout at work. The content will help you spot any warning signs at an early stage and ultimately improve your employees’ happiness in the workplace. The toolkits are linked to the self-assessment that you did on identifying reduced resilience of your employees.

5 toolkits are:

  1. Circle of Influence
  2. Core Quadrants of Ofman
  3. GROW Model
  4. Progression Feedback
  5. Social Styles

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